Journey of Life

You’re on a vessel that is taking you to a beautiful island, but the only way to get there is through a treacherous storm. You’re not sure how long the storm will last, you aren’t even sure that you’ll ever make it to the island, but you get on the vessel and take the chance. On your journey the sea is not steady. The boat rocks back and forth and you feel yourself losing balance, losing hope. Every now and then the water shows forgiveness and the sea is calm enough for you to collect your thoughts. Eventually the storm ensues again and you get angry and mad. You want off the boat, but there is no way to stop your journey. Eventually, after months on the ship you start to see a pattern. The storm comes for different amounts of time, but it always subsides, even if it’s for a little while. Because of this you now start to appreciate those peaceful moments. You make sure you’re not wasting any of it. Over time you start to realize that when the storm is gone and the sea is calm, you’re much more appreciative of what is going on. You also realize that every time you make it through the treacherous storm you feel stronger, more alive, more valuable. You feel like your life has more purpose. Now the storm is approaching again, but this time you’re prepared. You’ve experienced it so many times, you’re ready for it. This time around you have more control over your mind and body. Even though the storm is still raging you have found ways to calm the storm within yourself. You are no longer uneasy about the rocking boat, you’ve found your balance. The crashing waves no longer suffocate your mind and body, you’ve learned to breathe. You don’t try to fight it, you go with it’s flow. Now you have mastered this journey and this time, at the end of the storm, in the horizon, surrounded by shades of blue and clear skies, you see the island. And when you see the island you realize it isn’t actually an island, but it’s yourself. It’s you. It’s the you that you thought you couldn’t be. It’s the you that you didn’t know existed. It’s the you that made it through the storm, a smarter, better, stronger you and you realize that if you gave up, if you let the storm dictate your life, you would have never met the highest form of you that there could be. You greet this you like an old friend, because this you has been inside all along, you just never had the courage and the strength to find them.

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