22 Things I’ve Learned At Twenty-Seven

  1. Age does not mean you are mature.
  2. Just because you think you’re independent, does not make you independent.
  3. It is okay to rely on others.
  4. Sometimes you still need your mom and dad to tell you it is going to be okay.
  5. People who you were close with can drift away from you faster than you think.
  6. Things fall into place the way they’re supposed to.
  7. You get what you desire when you work hard and never stop trying for it.
  8. Sometimes you have to forgive, but never forget.
  9. The only person you can truly trust is yourself and that’s okay.
  10. You need to love yourself as much as you love that boy or that girl. 
  11. You have to believe in yourself and deem yourself worthy of amazing things because you deserve it.
  12. Your credit score does matter and it is important to save money.
  13. All bad things eventually come to an end.
  14. People will try to bring you down, but you just get right back up. (This will drive them crazy!)
  15. Sometimes a break from people is a good thing. It will either make you realize you miss them or make you realize you never did.
  16. You have to allow people to see you at your worst because every now and then you WILL have an off day and people have to be okay with that. If they’re not, then that’s okay too.
  17. Make sure you always keep moving. If you stay too long in one place you might miss out on a wonderful opportunity.
  18. The universe is always giving you signs!
  19. A little patience goes a long way
  20. The little things take up the most room in your life. Little gestures. Little smiles.
  21. Just because someone doesn’t love you the way you love them doesn’t mean they don’t love you with all that they have.
  22. It’s okay to say no. Learn to say it more often.

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